UX/UI Design.

Regardless of how many times your organization has been given kudos on a
beautiful design, if it’s not effectively serving your growth efforts, you’ll feel
the sting of frustration at the lack of results.

Are You Approaching Creative Design with a Transformation
Framework as Your Foundation?

UX Vision

Moving From UCD to HCD

User Centered Design (UCD) is an approach
grounded in what the people using the product
deem important. Today’s top UX/UI creatives are
moving away from this approach to Human
Centered Design (HCD), which is a more holistic
view of how the product fits into the user’s daily life.

Innovation Driven by the Modern Consumer

Innovation Driven by the
Modern Consumer

The modern consumer has a mobile device glued to the palm of their hand. To accommodate this new behavior, organizations have been forced to develop mobile first initiatives, which has directly influenced the way user experiences are delivered.

UX is Part of a Bigger Strategy

UX/UI is only a subset of a bigger picture — the customer’s experience. Approaching design with the bigger picture in mind ensures all departments are involved. The better teams collaborate, the better the experiences you can deliver.

Here’s the Curriculum Waiting For You…

180+ Booklet on Digital Transformation Included

  1. Meet the Modern Consumer:

    Before you can design a single pixel, you must understand who you’re designing it for. We’ll walk you through what today’s modern consumer looks like.

  2. Why Experience Initiatives Are a Must for Business Transformation:

    The role you play is critical to your organization’s success. Learn more about why you’re so pivotal to how your company approaches business transformation.

  3. The StoryVesting™ Framework:

    No experience can be designed without a framework in place to guide you and your team’s efforts. We’ll teach you our proprietary business transformation framework, StoryVesting™, and show you how to leverage it for your success.

  4. Building Your Intelligent Foundation:

    Experience initiatives require a healthy marriage of your people, platforms and processes. We’ll help you build your intelligent foundation by bringing these three critical components together.

  5. Listening With Empathy:

    Qualitative data can help you get the holistic insights you need about your target audience. We’ll walk you through how to apply these insights to the traditional empathy map for more poignant designs.

  6. Data Looping & Mapping:

    It’s critical that you and your team understand what goes into building a robust data loop, so you can help design data acquisition tools that will gather clean, reliable datasets. We’ll teach you these intricacies so you can be better equipped to help your organization succeed.

  7. Innovation Looping & Mapping:

    Leveraging the insights available to you is one of the best ways to innovate. We’ll walk you through a hands-on exercise called the modified Hoshin where you’ll learn how to efficiently brainstorm and prioritize new initiatives.

  8. Journey Analytics:

    Getting the end-to-end perspective on what your customer experiences throughout their journey with your organization is critical. Applying data and analytics to that journey is even more important. We’ll reveal our proprietary Customer Insights Map and show you how to use it across your organization to develop better experiences.

  9. Intelligent Operations:

    Predicting consumer trends and designing experiences in reaction to the real-time data available requires you to run an intelligent operation. We’ll teach you what this looks like and how to bring it to your team.

  10. Operationalizing vs. Executing:

    Knocking off design tasks as they land on your desk is not an effective way of approaching UX/UI. We’ll teach you how to operationalize your critical role for maximum organizational success.

  11. Building Business Transformation Into Your DNA:

    Ultimately, you need the buy-in from everyone throughout your organization. Learn how to build a transformation mindset into your company’s DNA.

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