Information Technology & Systems.

Technology isn’t just the IT department’s responsibility. Today’s CMOs are starting to spend more on technology than CIOs. It’s time for you to ensure the
platforms you’re bringing to the organization are aligned with your
company’s transformation needs.

Is Your Organization’s Technology Modern Enough to Meet the Needs of
Your Team and Customers?

source: Accenture. TechVision Tech Trend 2018.

People Are Interacting With Technology Now;
Not Just Using It

The Platforms You Bring to Your Organization Become an
Integral Part of an Overarching Experience

The platforms and systems your organization uses
serve to create a more humanized experience.
There has never been a more important time to
empower your team through digital transformation
by way of the technology you bring to the organization.

New IT Demands

New IT Demands New Systems

Blockchain. Artificial intelligence. The cloud. Intelligent platforms. The amount of new technology arriving on a daily basis is enough to make anyone’s head spin. It’s critical that you have a framework to guide you through the transformation process and keep you on track to your end goals.

New IT Demands
Convergence of Analytics and Tech

The Accelerated Convergence of Analytics & Tech

Accessibility to data has enhanced people’s ability to work. IT’s role is to help make this data accessible by developing ways to automate certain aspects of the data, uncover redundancies, avoid errors, evolve APIs, and find bugs faster.

Data Governance Systems Are a Must

Having a centralized plan in place to govern how data are used is key to minimizing loss, improving communications, reducing costs, and increasing value. Having these compliance measures established helps ensure large initiatives can be rolled out seamlessly across the organization.

Here’s the Curriculum Waiting For You…

180+ Booklet on Digital Transformation Included

  1. Meet the Modern Consumer:

    Laying the groundwork to understand who the modern consumer is and who your organization wants to reach is critical to knowing the type of systems which are necessary to achieving your transformation goals.

  2. Why Experience Initiatives Are a Must for Business Transformation:

    Experience initiatives are critical to any organization’s sustainable growth. We’ll show you how to leverage various systems and platforms to drive these initiatives to success.

  3. The StoryVesting™ Framework:

    Discover the deep nuances and complexities behind our proprietary business transformation framework, StoryVesting™, and how to leverage this framework in a technological, analytical, and operational capacity.

  4. Building Your Intelligent Foundation:

    There are three key drivers of transformational success — people, processes, and platforms. Although you’re only tasked with the latter, it’s your job to understand how all three interact so you can develop the best means of leveraging the systems and solutions you bring to the organization.

  5. Listening With Empathy:

    How are you using the feedback you get from the people using the solutions you’ve brought to the organization? We’ll show you how to leverage qualitative feedback to listen with empathy via an insights-centric approach.

  6. Data Looping & Mapping:

    Learning how to deploy a data loop and the importance of mapping it back to organizational goals is a critical lesson as companies aim to leverage insights to deliver best in class outcomes.

  7. Innovation Looping & Mapping:

    Operating in an agile and lean capacity while lowering risk isn’t just a pipe dream. It comes out of effective innovation looping strategies. We’ll walk you through these strategies, including our modified Hoshin experience where you’ll learn how to efficiently brainstorm and prioritize team and organizational goals.

  8. Journey Analytics:

    Gone are the days when you could put bandages on problems at each touchpoint and think the experience was repaired. Today’s buyers feel and embrace an end-to-end journey. Your organization must transform to operate in the same capacity. We’ll give you a soup to nuts walkthrough of our proprietary Customer Insights Map to show you how.

  9. Intelligent Operations:

    The future of business relies on your organization’s usage of modern technological and analytical approaches to transformation. We’ll show you what it looks like to run a more intelligent operation and how to do it effectively.

  10. Operationalizing vs. Executing:

    Discover what it looks like to take an insights-centric approach to developing new systems and introducing new platforms to modernize your organization.

  11. Building Business Transformation Into Your DNA:

    Understanding business transformation is complex. Embracing business transformation is essential. We’ll show you why.

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