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Stay Relevant

We aren’t using technology anymore. We’re interacting with it. This new interaction has forced the need for organizations to become more relevant, establish more personalized interactions, and optimize processes. Will you lead the charge in those efforts? We hope so.

86% of buyers are willing to pay for a great customer experience and 73% of customers say customer experience is an important factor in purchase decisions.*

With the influx of technology, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in power away from institutions and over to consumers. It’s this new normal that’s sparked an undeniable need for organizations to evolve when, where, and how to interact with consumers.

To deliver the types of experiences that move the needle forward requires deep insights. Understanding where and how to gather those insights and democratize them across the organization can unleash a tremendous competitive advantage and position you as a relevant contender in today’s disruptive market.

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Decrease the Skills Gap

Without question, we’re seeing a growing polarization in the workforce between high and low-skill workers. The proliferation of technology demands advanced skills of today’s labor market — skills which are at a shortage. As an increasing number of low-skill jobs become automated, that need will only increase. Will you and your team be ready to embrace the higher-skilled positions by actively decreasing the skills gap?

A shockingly measly 3% of companies plan to increase skills investments over the next few years.*

It’s at this juncture that organizations must rethink strategies on talent acquisition and development.

As tomorrow’s workforce learns how to interact with modern technology and use innovations to fuel growth, your current talent pool must continue to skill up alongside these incoming employees. Welcome the next generation of talent with a readiness to link arms and work together using the latest technology at your disposal by learning new ways for humans and technology to work together to drive change.

Undeniable Benefits

Higher retention, increased customer satisfaction, and bigger revenues are the undeniable benefits of taking an insights-centric focus. To achieve those results in your organization requires innovation.

Over half of organizations plan to redirect their investments to answer this call by investing in digital twins as a means of decreasing complexities and making critical data accessible across the organization.*

In a world where growth specialists need to be “always on” in order to stay ahead, having a clear cut direction of how to achieve around-the-clock efficiencies is critical. By learning ways to democratize data across the organization, you’re able to gain organizational buy-in for critical growth initiatives starting with this one — LevelNext.

Infusing a growth mindset into an organization’s ecosystem, teams are empowered to embrace new technologies, stay relevant, and achieve undeniable benefits.


How We Do It?

We Help Growth-Oriented Teams Disrupt Markets By:

Leveraging the StoryVesting™  Framework

LevelNext is the only place where certified instructors can teach your team the nuances of the proprietary StoryVesting™ framework — the same framework used by dozens of Fortune 500 companies across the country. It’s by laying this firm foundation that you can align your organization with the ever-changing demands of the modern consumer.

Guiding Intelligent Operations

Making the move to an “intelligent operation” driven by data, analytics, and rich insights isn’t easy. We teach your team how to get there efficiently and effectively. Operationalize new initiatives by pushing yesterday’s execution paradigm to the side and tapping into a more agile, strategic approach based on irrefutable intelligence.

Fueling Competitive Agility

Today’s competitive edge depends on your ability to navigate quickly through a fast-paced market. By refining your data looping strategies, you’ll have clean, reliable insights at your disposal to make faster decisions with