Customer Support & Onboarding.

Those first interactions immediately after a person buys are some of the
most crucial. Without a strategic approach to win over the hearts of your
buyers, you could see a lower lifetime value, which could be detrimental to
your organization’s growth over the long run.

What kind of experience is your customer support and onboarding
team delivering to your end users?

How Are You Exceeding Your Buyer’s Expectations?

Consumers Demand A Lot From Organizations Today

Effective onboarding leads to better engagement and deeper
connections to your brand. Automation, refinement, and
accurate prediction of your consumer needs is critical to
helping your organization grow.

Break Out of Touchpoint
Based Thinking

For too long, organizations have determined overall customer journey success based exclusively on touchpoint satisfaction alone. The data shows that this isn’t an accurate approach and that despite high touchpoint satisfaction levels, the journey overall could be lower. It’s time to break away from looking at customer success through this lens.

source: McKinsey & Company

Bowtie Funnel

The Bow Tie Funnel

A New Customer Journey

The sales funnel no longer ends as soon as the buyer hands over a credit card. Customer support and onboarding teams are critical to continuing to build relationships and drive loyalty levels that move people from adopters to brand ambassadors. Your team is now being looked to for help achieving long-term success for the organization as a whole.

Striking the Right Balance

source: McKinsey & Company

Striking the Right Balance

There’s a delicate balance between providing too much customer and onboarding support and not enough. Striking the right balance between how much you lean into new consumer desires and how much you maintain traditional methodologies is difficult at best. The key is to constantly grow and evolve yourself and your team to understand what’s required to reach a state of brand euphoria in the market.

Striking the Right Balance

source: McKinsey & Company

Here’s the Curriculum Waiting For You…

180+ Booklet on Digital Transformation Included

  1. Meet the Modern Consumer:

    In order to effectively work with and react to the modern consumer, you first must understand who they are and what they expect from organizations today.

  2. Why Experience Initiatives Are a Must for Business Transformation:

    Your team is regularly tasked with deploying new experience initiatives. Understanding your critical role in a bigger picture of organizational success will help you thrive.

  3. The StoryVesting™ Framework:

    Managing your team’s success starts with operating out of a framework that empowers transformation. We’ll teach you our proprietary StoryVesting™ business transformation framework and how to apply it to your team’s operations.

  4. Building Your Intelligent Foundation:

    Collaboration among team members and customers alike requires the right mindset, the right process, and the right technology. We’ll show you how to lay this foundation to operate in the sophisticated manner the market expects from organizations today.

  5. Listening With Empathy:

    Your team gathers an enormous amount of qualitative data. We’ll teach you how to take that data and apply it to the traditional empathy map to gain better insights.

  6. Data Looping & Mapping:

    You might not know it yet, but you have a wealth of real-time data available. We’ll teach you what goes into setting up a robust data loop and how to map insights to your initiatives.

  7. Innovation Looping & Mapping:

    As the modern consumer evolves, so do expectations and desires for how organizations will work with them. We’ll teach you how to innovate on your current strategies by taking you through a powerful modified Hoshin experience.

  8. Journey Analytics:

    Understanding the end-to-end journey is critical for your team. We’ll give you access to our proprietary Customer Insights Map and show you how to leverage it to reach your team and organizational goals.

  9. Intelligent Operations:

    Predicting consumer needs before they arise is one of the best ways you can support your customer base. We’ll show you how to use data to run a more intelligent operation and better react to constantly changing demands.

  10. Operationalizing vs. Executing:

    Don’t let your team fall into a rut of going through the motions. We’ll teach you how to operationalize your support team and get out of the daily grind to achieve bigger, better results.

  11. Building Business Transformation Into Your DNA:

    The mindset of your team ultimately shapes their ability to fuel your organization’s growth. We’ll show you how to implement these strategies to bake business transformation into your company’s culture.

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