Customer Experience & Service Design.

Ready to lead the pack on customer experience (CX) and service
design? If so, Forrester deems that you’re ready to grow by more than
17% of your lagging counterparts. We’ll help you get there.

CX Leads to Growth

CX leaders increase their revenue growth by more than 17% over their competitors who lag in CX. Are your current initiatives positioning you as a leader and effectively driving your organization out of strategic inflection points?

Pivotal Role - Pie

source: Genesys

You Play a Pivotal Role in
Your Organization

Smart Organizations, like Yours, Proactively Manage and Invest in Customer Experiences

Your role creates a direct return on that investment in the form of revolutionary experiences that drive loyalty and revenues. This particular focus gives your organization a competitive advantage unlike any other.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

You know what your customers want. You’ve heard the feedback. Now it’s time to leverage that feedback to create an experience that’s more sublime than any other out there. We’ll show you how.

Improve Customer Retention

It’s more costly to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer. You knew that, but what you might not know is how to increase loyalty by improving your customer experience. That starts with harnessing the data and analytics at your disposal.

Increase Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

If you’re not tracking your customer’s journey, you’re losing out on a powerful opportunity to cross-sell and upsell at strategic moments. By using predictive analytics to understand what your customer wants, you can deliver on those unspoken needs at critical moments in their journey with you.

Here’s the Curriculum Waiting For You…

180+ Booklet on Digital Transformation Included

  1. Meet the Modern Consumer:

    Driving sublime experiences starts with knowing who the modern consumer is and what’s expected.

  2. Why Experience Initiatives Are a Must for Business Transformation:

    Gain a deeper understanding of the impact your work is making on your organization’s ability to undergo business transformation.

  3. The StoryVesting™ Framework:

    Discover how to use the proprietary StoryVesting™ framework to better align your organization’s mission with your customer’s emotional and cognitive triggers, allowing you to achieve greater success through your experience design efforts.

  4. Building Your Intelligent Foundation:

    The foundation of any customer experience initiative starts with the 3Ps — your people, processes and platforms. If these aren’t aligned and functioning in harmony, it will be harder than ever to deliver a sublime experience to the end user.

  5. Listening With Empathy:

    If you’re not leveraging the data and analytics available to you, you’re unable to listen with empathy effectively. We’ll show you how to quantify qualitative data and use data looping and mapping to draw out more critical insights about your target market.

  6. Data Looping & Mapping:

    Understanding how data is gathered and mined is critical for all departments — especially customer experience teams who require data and insights to make better decisions. We’ll teach you how to leverage what’s available to your advantage.

  7. Innovation Looping & Mapping:

    Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We’ll take you through a hands-on exercise that shows you how to quickly and effectively innovate alongside market demands using a more sophisticated and intelligent approach.

  8. Journey Analytics:

    Ultimately, you need to know what’s happening along the customer’s journey. We’ll reveal our proprietary Customer Insights Map to you, and then walk you through how to use it for your experience initiatives.

  9. Intelligent Operations:

    It’s one thing to understand the big picture of how data works. It’s another thing to systematize the usage of these insights to bring better experiences to your end user faster and with more confidence. We’ll teach you how to lay the groundwork for an intelligent operation.

  10. Operationalizing vs. Executing:

    Operations today are far too advanced to only take the tactical approach of checking items off of a to-do list. We’ll show you how to maximize productivity as you move to your end goal by operationalizing instead of executing.

  11. Building Business Transformation Into Your DNA:

    Getting your entire team on board with your business transformation efforts is critical to delivering a more impactful experience that pushes customers to become brand ambassadors.

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