Content and Digital
Experience Managers.

Digital content isn’t just about flexing creative muscles. In today’s
complex world, knowing exactly how to reach, engage, capture, and
grow your user base requires a much more sophisticated approach.

Building a Process to Guide Users to an End Goal Isn’t Enough

Leveraging the StoryVesting™ framework will empower you to drive customer journey analytics as a means to creating a more refined experience. We’ll show you how.

The Paradigm Has Shifted

Consumer behavior is altering alongside the evolving ecosystem. We’re living in a world of rapid technology innovation, platform proliferation, and digital automation. It’s the organizations using intelligent operations to better understand this new paradigm by building loyalty loops, rather than one-off sales, that stand to gain ground against the competition.

Today’s Funnel is More Complex

Gone are the days where customers move through the traditional funnel consisting of generating leads and driving conversions. Today’s buyer is more sophisticated, moving through a more complex funnel that extends well beyond the purchase. Understanding the intricacies and nuances of the bow tie funnel, and how to leverage it to create sublime experiences, is a critical component of any successful experience strategy.

We’ll Show You How to Break Down Silo Walls, Speak the Vernacular of
Other Departments, and Get the Insights Needed to Build
Sublime Experiences

Here’s the Curriculum Waiting For You…

180+ Booklet on Digital Transformation Included

  1. Meet the Modern Consumer:

    Gain a deeper understanding of what’s happening with today’s modern consumer paradigm shifts, so you can predict those changes and answer them with better content and digital experiences.

  2. Why Experience Initiatives Are a Must for Business Transformation:

    Your role is critical in business transformation. We’ll show you why and empower you with the unequivocal insight you can bring back to your organization to build buy-in.

  3. The StoryVesting™ Framework:

    Developing potent experiences online requires a strong alignment between your organization’s framework and your customer’s emotional and cognitive triggers. We’ll teach you the proprietary StoryVesting™ framework and how to operationalize it across your content and digital strategies.

  4. Building Your Intelligent Foundation:

    It’s substantially more challenging to develop impactful content without having the right team, processes, and platforms in place. We’ll show you how to build an intelligent foundation based on the 3Ps — people, processes, and platforms.

  5. Listening With Empathy:

    Yesterday’s empathy maps are rarely useful and often forgotten. We’ll provide you with an insights-centric empathy map that applies clarity through data to an otherwise nebulous exercise.

  6. Data Looping & Mapping:

    If you’re not using the data and analytics at your disposal, you’re missing out on tremendous opportunities to deliver more impactful content across the journey. We’ll teach you what data looping and mapping is, and how it pertains to your role specifically. You need to know this to compete today.

  7. Innovation Looping & Mapping:

    Your creative team knows the consumer better than most in your organization and has a wealth of ideas to contribute to innovation efforts. We’ll walk you through a modified Hoshin experience to empower your team to bring those ideas to the forefront and shape the direction of your organization going forward.

  8. Journey Analytics:

    Get out of the mindset of looking exclusively at touchpoints and develop your content around the customer’s end-to-end journey. We’ll show you how to infuse intelligence into our proprietary Customer Insights Map that will serve as your guide for increasing conversions and moving customers effectively through their journey with you.

  9. Intelligent Operations:

    Systematizing how you deliver content and digital experiences will empower your team to produce higher quality content faster. We’ll teach you how to operate in a way that’s intelligent, so your team can grow professionally, helping your organization transform.

  10. Operationalizing vs. Executing:

    Gone are the days when it was sufficient to check blog posts and graphics off a to-do list and call it good. We’ll teach you how to operationalize your content efforts to sync with the entire organization’s goals and align with your customer’s expectations.

  11. Building Business Transformation Into Your DNA:

    Ultimately your entire team needs to embrace business transformation for your initiatives to come to life. We’ll show you how to bake business transformation into your organization’s DNA.

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