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Digital Transformation.

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LevelNext + RocketSource

This MasterClass Workshop Training Was Truly
Born out of Necessity.

LevelNext is offered through a vetted and select group of platforms, companies, and professional trainers who have been certified in the frameworks, including the foundational framework, StoryVesting™.

After hundreds of cutting edge assignments, integrations and deployments at the Fortune 100 level in addition to growing some of the fastest growing companies in the Inc 500, we learned (while neck-deep in the trenches) a set of formulae, frameworks, and best practices to ensure consistent, successful and high-returning outcomes.

Say Hello! to StoryVesting™.

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The Creation and Evolution of StoryVesting™

& Why It’s Critical for Growth and Sustainability

Teams from these amazing companies contributed to the development of the StoryVesting™ framework:

Eric Schmidt
Jon & Karen Huntsman
James LeVoy Sorenson
Herb Kelleher
Eric Smith
JW Marriott
Jeff Smith
Gene England
Important Business Drivers

Compiling The Data

This informal study was based on the responses of 1,969 participants over a 15-year period from 1998 – 2013. The interviews were conducted face-to-face, over email, and by telephone.

The Goal

The goal of this informal study was to uncover and analyze thoughts around the core drivers of business success from those who were perceived as “successful” or could influence the success of a business. The answers were then matched up against some of the most successful and fastest growing companies to see if a correlation could be made.

The Results

Ultimately the data as a whole found no unifying significant correlation. However, there was significant correlation in terms of macro perspectives.

Important Business Drivers
Buckley Barlow
Cassidy Hilton
Jonathan Greene
Kimberly Crossland

Certified Architects + Trainers =
Master Strategists & Tacticians

The team behind LevelNext is just not made up of a bunch of certified instructors. Every certified LevelNext instructor has been carefully selected from a field of master tacticians in their own right. From machine learning experts to Fortune 10 consultative strategists, our trainers are in the field doing – not just teaching – digital transformation at scale.

Companies Our Architects & Trainers Have Collectively Consulted For:

Buckley Barlow
Cassidy Hilton
Jonathan Greene
Kimberly Crossland
Jobs Upscale Route

Staying Relevant in a World of
Artificial Intelligence

We’re living in an ecosystem that demands professionals get accustomed to both new and disruptive technologies. Numerous roles are poised to follow an up-skill route to become more relevant. To narrow the skills gap and leverage tomorrow’s technological developments, continual training and education is paramount.

Jobs Upscale Route

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Jon and Cassidy

Micro MasterClass

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Onsite Corporate Training

Get ready to work shoulder-to-shoulder with your colleagues, cover your walls with ideas, and access step-by-step instruction and exercises taught by master tacticians.