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Critical Goal

Buckley Barlow

A Means to High Scale Growth
and Innovation

What Does It Look like in Action?

In order to achieve sustainable growth along the
S Curve of Business and Growth, two very critical components are needed:

  • A Reliable Customer-Centric Framework

    – One which actuates full-scale digital democratization

  • Exceptional Alignment of the 3Ps

    – Your people, process and platforms

Trusted by Industry Leaders Such As:

Start with a Proven Customer-Centric Framework

An easy to understand, but a very sophisticated, customer-centric framework that facilitates holistic execution and operationalization of Business Transformation and Innovation initiatives.

Introducing the framework that actuates full-scale digital democratization

No Man’s Land

Limited Brand Equity
Disconnected Experiences
Company First


High Brand Equity
Connected Experiences
Customer First

Brand Euphoria

Deep Cognitive Associations
Brand & Immersive Experiences

The Many Uses of the
StoryVesting Framework

Digital Transformation

Rapid deployment of actionable data and processes for fast-movement across departmental silos. Leverage a lean operation through insights-centric strategies. Harness more market share through quick-moving, intelligent operations.

User Experience (UX)

Develop user experiences steeped in behavioral economics. Respond and interact with customers in real-time, reducing churn. Reduce developmental costs through refined usability testing.


Adopt platforms that encourage productivity among your team. Transition users from brick-to-click or click-to-brick experiences. Refine cross-department collaboration and streamline processes using technology.


Gain a deeper understanding of modern consumer behavior. Adaptation of relevant platforms for today’s buyer. Build trust by developing more personalized experiences.

Customer Experience (CX)

Close the gap between the business and customer’s “why”. Empower employees to operate with a customer-centric mentality. Democratize data for organizational alignment toward better CX.

Satisfaction Initiatives

Gain team buy-in for new satisfaction initiatives. Harness cognitive psychology of the social sphere. Use socioeconomics to drive growth internally and externally.


Move upward out of strategic inflection points. Become a team of tacticians instead of tactic chasers. Improve customer retention.


Rapid deployment of data-actionable processes for fast movement across departmental silos. Leverage a lean operation through insights-centric strategies. Harness more market share through quick-moving, intelligent operations.

Win/Loss Initiatives

Uncover the root cause of conversions.
Find friction points in the customer’s journey. Intelligent data mapping to uncover areas of opportunity.

How A Framework Guides Business Transformation

If You’re Growing, You’re Shifting

Every growth-focused business encounters Strategic Inflection points at various times.

Inflection Points Vary

Inflection Points vary based on Internal/External factors (i.e team, processes, access to capital, economic cycles, etc.).

Sustain Forward Momentum

The goal at any Inflection Point is to sustain forward momentum.

The Importance of Having a
Framework in Transformation


of the Standard & Poor’s 500 will turnover in the next 15 years.


of complex, large-scale change programs don’t reach their stated goals.


of business leaders believe their companies must pick up the pace of digitalization to remain competitive.


of business leaders believe their companies must pick up the pace of digitalization to remain competitive.


of senior-level executives think they’re successfully enacting digital transformation projects.

Exceptional Alignment of the 3P’s

People, Processes and Platforms


You need the right people and skills —  both at individual and team level —capable of executing at a sustainable pace.


Without intelligent operations — rooted in insightful data looping and human-centered data mapping — forward-thinking teams and organizations will never be able to get ideas into operationalization.


Technology is the backbone of efficiency but it can also lead to decreased operational performance if deployed in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We’re not naive to the fact that there are numerous ways to skill up your team. When compared side-by-side with other popular approaches our hands-on, 3-day workshop focused on tangible exercises, data-driven frameworks and learning soft skills to help teams communicate, solve problems and deploy successful initiatives is far superior to options on the market today.

Why Do You Need It?


The battleground of business today isn’t won with a single magic bullet, like better tech or big data. It’s won with cohesive, intelligent front and back office operations supporting best-in-class experiences. When executed upon properly, the transformative implications for your business are massive.

With tech, customer tastes and preferences, methodologies and even best practices changing so quickly, it’s no wonder that over 50% of the Fortune 500 will be out of business by 2025.

To keep up with this change, C-Suite and Executive Leadership expect their talent (including themselves) to acquire the latest and greatest knowledge, learning, training, and skills.

Becoming irrelevant.  It’s one of the things that keeps every CEO and founder up at night. And our MasterClass training is squarely aimed at mitigating that worry.

Our leadership team walked away from this workshop with a vast amount of new ideas and action steps. The depth behind Buckley’s StoryVesting framework was impressive. We’re confident that we’ll run a more intelligent operation thanks to the insights about how to wrangle and monetize our data, as well as the innovative approaches to mapping and measuring the customer experience. We now have a clear direction that we can take to build a successful CX program.

David Rees

Managing Partner

Evolution Capital

Why LevelNext?

LevelNext was born out of direct requests from our consulting and
integration clients to help their organizations and teams  “level up” on
the “latest, most relevant and modern skills” needed to drive
growth while lowering costs.

Real Data and “Actioned” Insights Speak Louder Than Words

291% YoY Goal

1000 B2C Insurance Provider

220% YoY Online
Traffic Growth

1000 B2B Specialty Tech

63% Lift in
Conversion Rate

500 ID Protection Co. B2C

Data-Driven vs Data-Centric vs Insights-Centric

To Innovate You Must Get Insights-Centric

Insights-centric cultures use data to answer the “WHY”.

  • Why are customers behaving the way they are?
  • Why are we seeing market shifts?
  • Why are our employees leaving?
  • Why are customers flocking to a competitor?

Data-centric cultures use data to inform and validate;
not drive decision making.

Data-driven culture goes sideways when:

  • Data are used to inform the wrong thing.
  • Data are used as absolute.
  • Data are business first.

What Makes This Training/Workshop Different?

Best Practices of Transformation



94% of executives say that agility is critical to their organization’s success, but only 6% believe their organization is agile.



91% of business leaders believe compassion is very important and 80% said they wished to increase their compassion but don’t know how.


Vested Workforce

40% of successful business leaders believe the key to organizational success is having a vested workforce.


Professional Progression

Companies that understand digital transformation earn 26% more profit than others.

Business Transformation
— Particularly Digital Transformation —
is Highly Complex.

Our set of growth and innovation frameworks are proprietary to us.

We’re sharing them for the first time via LevelNext because of the enormous need to help teams skill up.

Strategic knowledge coupled with granular tactical detail.

A set of powerpoint slides doesn’t cut it today. You need to know the big and small picture down to the finest detail.

Applied Learning and Application over memorization.

Our set of activities will be life-long takeaways and relevant to modern business operations.

Results matter more than a badge or certification.

Our goal isn’t just to sign off on a flashy certification. We’re here to bring you real world, actionable concepts to facilitate transformation.

Are You Ready to Skill Up?

We Have 3 Options to Help You Bring This to Your Organization.

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Micro MasterClass

Book a 2-hour virtual session with a LevelNext Certified Architect/Trainer and discover actionable ways you can put yourself in the driver seat for business transformation.

Onsite Corporate Training

Get ready to work shoulder-to-shoulder with your colleagues, cover your walls with ideas, and access step-by-step instruction and exercises taught by master tacticians.